The scientific scope of the HQT workshop will be to bring together people from slightly different communities aiming at fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas. The scientific scope is at the intersection between spin qubits, hybrid semiconductor-superconductor devices and superconducting circuits/qubits. Leading people from all fields will present their latest result. In addition, a poster session where students and postdocs can present their results will take place.

Two technical talks covering the topics of low temperature cryogenic equipment and high frequency equipment will be as well presented. Finally, technical sessions during lunch time will take place, in which participants can get hands on experience on Zurich instruments.


Nanoelectronics group @ ISTA
Contact: hqt@ist.ac.at

Zürich Instruments
Contact: Bruno Küng bruno.kueng@zhinst.com and Jelena Trbovic jelena.trbovic@zhinst.com


Our speakers for the workshop are (in alphabetical order):

Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zürich)
Andrew Cleland (University of Chicago)
Andrew Higginbotham (ISTA)
Attila Geresdi (Chalmers University of Technology)
Audrey Cottet (ENS Paris)
Christian Andersen (TU Delft)
Daniel Loss (University of Basel)
Dominik Zumbühl (University of Basel)
Edward Laird (Lancaster University)
Erik Bakkers (TU Eindhoven)
Ferdinand Kuemmeth (University of Copenhagen)
Floris Braakman (University of Basel)
Floris Zwanenburg (UT Twente)
Giordano Scappucci (TU Delft)
Giovanni Isella (Politecnico of Milano)
Guido Burkard (University of Konstanz)
Ioan Pop (KIT)
Jason Petta (Princeton University)
Johannes Fink (ISTA)
Lieven Vandersypen (TU Delft)
Marcelo Goffman (CEA Saclay)
Mark Eriksson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Menno Veldhorst (TU Delft)
Morten Kjaergaard (University of Copenhagen)
Natalia Ares (Oxford University)
Nico Hendrickx (IBM Zurich)
Pasquale Scarlino (EPFL)
Patrice Bertet (CEA Saclay)
Ramon Aguado (ICMM-CSIC Madrid)
Romain Maurand (CEA Grenoble)
Takis Kontos (ENS Paris)
Thomas Ihn (ETH Zürich)
Vladimir Manucharyan (EPFL)
William Oliver (MIT)
Yiwen Chu (ETH Zürich)